Our Story

The story of Green Mustache began as a story shared by millions of moms—it's the one about a child and her very particular eating habits—including her strong aversion to greens.  But once we began marketing our products, we soon realized this story stretched far beyond the narrative of the picky eater and simply became the story of every person trying to find convenient and tasty ways to be healthy.  

At Green Mustache, we’re channeling our passion for delicious and healthy foods into creating super-snacks that are super-tasty, approachable and fun for everyone.  Nutrient-dense, leafy greens kale and spinach are the base of every awesome thing we make. 

In addition to our organic green smoothies, we recently launched a line of organic, gluten-free and vegan snacks.  Made with clean, healthy ingredients such as organic chickpea flour, kale and chia, these handlebar mustache-shaped crackers will make it impossible not to play with your food.  And we’ll keep on creating new products to help everyone find a fairy tale ending to their healthy living story.  We’ve got you covered.  Greens for all, big and small! (TM)