Mission & Promise

Mission & Promise


At Green Mustache, everything we do stems from our commitment to plant-based living.  Because we believe the food you eat should help your body—not harm it.

And although our business began as a way to nourish the next generation, we aren’t stopping there.  We’re on a mission to nourish all generations by creating delicious and nutritious products.

In working to achieve this, we promise to—

Make Good Nutrition Fun

We’re channeling our passion for delicious and healthy foods into innovative, delicious plant-based snacks that are super-tasty, approachable and fun. That’s why nutrient-dense, leafy greens are the base of every awesome thing that we make.  

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, all our products are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, too.

Empower Plant-Based Palates

Did you know that vegetables can provide the body with the same amount of protein as animal-based sources?  And that by choosing plant-based proteins, you’re not only caring for yourself, you’re helping the planet?  Yep—“moo-ve over, cows. Sustainable food sources like these help to conserve the Earth’s natural resources. (We consider that a win-win.)

But, while choosing to incorporate plant-based foods into your diet may be easy, finding them is a whole ‘nother story.  That’s why—whether you’re a dedicated vegan, or simply trying to add dairy-free snacks into your week—we strive to celebrate and empower every one of our customers by providing deliciously nutritious options.

Banish the Bad Stuff

We care about what's in our products. But we care just as much about what's not in them: no pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs (genetically modified organisms), no added sugars, no preservatives, and no artificial colors or flavors.

Being a certified-organic supplier is a high bar to reach, but we are committed to ensuring the superior quality and safety of our ingredients.  If we can't pronounce it, you can be sure it's not in our products. What we put into our bodies significantly impacts how we feel and what we can do—so why not fuel ourselves with the best we can?

Minimize Food Waste

With food waste becoming a growing concern in today’s food system, we do everything in our power to ensure no crackers get left behind.  During production, some pieces come out perfectly imperfect.  Instead of discarding what we cannot sell, we deliver it to local farmers who use our scraps as animal feed. Not only does this leave us with zero food waste, but it also helps farmers feed their animals the good stuff! 

And...we will have FUN through it all!!  Cross our hearts. Curl our 'stache!

Image credit: Trainer Academy