Earth Day Activities for Kids

Earth Day Activities for Kids

In honor of Earth Day we think it’s appropriate to teach our children (and be mindful ourselves) about the other three important Rs; Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We know how hard it is to change our habits--especially for those who are city living- but that is also why it is so important. We want to keep our cities healthy and beautiful! It is our job not just to tell our kids to be environmentally friendly, but we must showthem. Monkey see, monkey do, right? Right! We all know that young kids love to mimic those around them, so why not teach them something while playing their game? Keep reading for some fun activities to do with your earth conscious kiddo.

No Time For Flashcards’ Recycling Think and Sort game is a great way to get kids thinking about what belongs in the trash and recycle bin…we suggest adding another bin for composting.

Next time you’ve got empty bottles laying around, try these fun and creative ways to repurpose those bottles. For example, making bottle planters is great way to create a garden, especially with little outdoor space. The Whole Kids Foundation and ScrapKins provide step by step instructions for this fun Earth Day activity.

WKF-Scrapkins-Robot Plant Bottle.jpg

Or you can simply add some wheels, stickers, and colorful tape to turn your old bottles into toy cars that fuel the imagination for days!

But our favorite way to reuse those old bottles is to turn them intochalkboard toys. This super easy project from B-Inspired Mama only requires some chalkboard paint, chalk and loads of creativity.

For your crafty little ones, how about turning dad’s old ties into a new pet snake.

Even something as easy as spending a little time outside everyday can help! *Recent research has shown that the act of getting children outdoors fosters a deep love of the environment that they will carry with them their entire lives. Here at Green Mustache, we love the idea of spending a few hours on the weekend or after school planting a garden. Add some tiny toy animals to this Fairy Garden from 1 Pure Heart to encourage creative play even after the planting is complete.

* Source: Raising Environmentally Conscious Kids by Alan Fortescue.

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