Basketful of Fun

Basketful of Fun

With Easter just around the corner, we bet your bunnies are getting excited for egg hunts! We’ve got a question for you, though -- do you get tired of filling their eggs with candy every year? This Easter, we're switching things up at Green Mustache and starting new traditions. Below are a few fun candy-free alternatives for your little bunny’s Easter basket.

Tasty Alternatives to Candy

For those of you who love spending time in the kitchen, how about making healthy, homemade versions of your child’s favorite snack? We love the idea of treats that come from the heart and home. ThisChocolate Drizzled Trail Mix from is a quick treat that your little bunny will be happy to snack on.


Another favorite treat of ours are these delicious vegan Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites from Texanerin Baking that are incredibly easy to make and contain no flour, butter, milk, eggs, oil, or white sugar…we couldn’t believe it either till we made it ourselves. An empty platter later, we can definitely vouch that these cookie dough bites will be a crowd pleaser.

If you’re just now starting to plan for this weekend, have no fear, we’ve got some fun and easy-to-find alternatives to candy that will keep them entertained for far longer those jelly beans.

Stickers and Temporary Tattoos

Kids love them and we admit….we’re a little obsessed with them too! Stickers and temporary tattoos are always a hit and are small enough to fit in plastic Easter eggs for a fun surprise!

Art Supplies

We’ve got some great ideas for those bunnies who do arts and crafts, too! This can be anything from crayons and coloring pencils to sketch books. One Brown Crafter shares recipes for various homemade art supplies that are sure to make your colorful bunny smile!

Play Dough

Whether you try this easy recipe to make your own or you buy it, your kids will love a few mini-containers of play dough to play with. Include some bunny-shaped cookie cutters for some Easter fun!

Small Toys

Small, inexpensive toys like bubbles, bouncy balls, chalk or water toys are easy to find and bring lots of fun. Don’t forget Legos or little toy cars for the boys who love to spend their time building skyscrapers or racing.

Hair Accessories

And for the girls who like to play beauty salon, hair accessories are a must-have! They’re easy to find in stores but if you’d like a DIY guide for adding some sparkle to your girl’s do, check out The Beauty Department’s DIY Glitter Bobby Pins. With different colors and different shapes, the options are endless.

Go ahead, give your little bunny something unexpected this year...and have fun with it!

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